Sci-Fi/Fantasy Snack Box

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SCI-FI/Fantasy Snack Box

The Idea: Every month, there will be a box of 2 novella titles handselected by our sci-fi/fantasy reading booksellers. These titles will be announced in advance and the box will include goodies.  At least one title (if not both) would be a new book released that month. 24 books curated a year seems like a lot, I don't know... The nice thing about novellas is that they can be read in an afternoon and they're a little like potato chips: you can't read just one.

How Will It Work: The cost of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Snack Box is $35/month.  We are offering free pickup in store and free local delivery within 5 miles of Copper Dog Books as well as shipping via media mail, ground, or priority.  You can order a month at a time or create a subscription with a recurring monthly charge to your credit card.  If you are selecting subscription, you must save your credit card information to your account in order for subscription shipments to be sent.  If the credit card information is not saved, there may be a slight delay in shipment as we will need to reach out to you to obtain payment information. 

What's In The June 2021 Box?
Sometimes, our booksellers like their fantasy dark and supernatural. RING SHOUT packs quite a punch for such a short book, tackling racism, white supremacy, and the virulence of hate speech in our country. Maryse and her magical sword cutting through demons fueled on hate with her band of sharpshooters and explosive experts was an edge of your seat historical dark fantasy read. This book simmered with explosive rage and pain, but also a defiance. In Jess's opinion, RING SHOUT is a must-read in these times of great racial divide. 

INSIDE MAN is a darkly funny follow-up to Prosper's Demon, a book that has been explained as the soul of Deadpool shoved into the body of the Witcher Geralt. Inside Man is the quirkily theological chess match Lizy had been waiting for ever since finishing its predecessor, Prosper's Demon. It's complex yet bite sized and deep yet amusing. Lizy highly recommends.

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