Book Consignment

For self-published authors and certain small presses, the best way to get your book on our shelf is through our consignment program. 

All books we accept into our consignment program must be written by an author local to the area around Beverly. We do not accept books through the mail and all books received outside of our normal consignment process will be donated. 

- Books have to have an ISBN, Title, and Author on the spine and can’t be spiral bound.
- Picture books must be 12x12 or smaller and all other books must be 10x7 or smaller.
- The only adult categories we accept are fiction, poetry, memoir, and local history (within 10 miles of Beverly).

Our owners reserve the right to refuse submissions that they feel are a poor match for our store’s curation.

If your book meets all of these requirements, here is how to get your book into our store:

Consignment appointments will be scheduled on Wednesday afternoons. As you fill out the form below with your contact and book information, suggesting available dates when you will be able to bring your books in.  Bring 3 copies of your book to your appointment at which point, if your book is accepted, you will sign a 3 month contract and leave your books. At the end of 3 months, unsold books will be removed from our shelves and you will be notified. When the books are picked up, the store will pay you 60% of the cover price of any copies that have sold.  Books not picked up within 30 days of the contract end date become the property of the store and will be donated.  

If all copies sell during the 3 months, the store will reach out for an additional 3 copies and the terms of the contract will extend for 3 more months.  At the end of 6 months, if all copies have been sold, the store will negotiate further contractual agreements.

Please fill out this form if you meet all the criteria and would like to schedule an appointment for consignment.  Please do not call the store for an update; all communications will be conducted via email.