America: Our Sacred Honor (Paperback)

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America is at a crossroads, and the road we elect to travel will either restore the spirit of America or continue to weaken our country forever. Ordinary American citizens must make fundamental decisions. We have been warned and though the warnings have been muted by media sources and special interest groups, they are growing louder. Voices of genuine concern come from within the United States and from abroad. We Americans must listen to and take seriously what we are being told. We need to educate ourselves about American history; real, unbiased history. We need to know the Constitution, the very cornerstone of our nation and we need to hold our politicians and government leaders accountable. Americans must once again stand united to defend our beloved country and our very way of life.

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ISBN: 9781489704269
ISBN-10: 1489704264
Publisher: Liferich
Publication Date: June 15th, 2015
Pages: 526
Language: English