Walt Disney: The Man Behind the Mouse (Great Biographies #39) (Paperback)

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This is book number 39 in the Great Biographies series.


Was Walt Disney a purveyor of homely patriotic values or a representative of American imperialism? He could be said to be the quintessential American. He came from a family of immigrants, he worked his way to the top, and he always had a story to tell. The main theme always running through Disney productions was that of the underdogs and misfits trying to make it against seemingly insurmountable odds. It was just a part of his mentality since for most of his life he undoubtedly viewed himself as that self-same underdog fight against powerful forces seeking to keep him down. Because although we see Disney now as an incredible success story. It wasn't always that way.

Inside you'll read about

  • The Making of a Legend
  • Taking his Art to the Next Level
  • Striking it Out on his Own
  • Mixing Family and Business
  • Disney hits the Big Time
  • Triumph and Tragedy
  • Disney's War
  • The Last Days of Disney

And much more

Disney just like many of the character's he portrayed - even when the chips were down - picked himself up by his bootstraps and always showed the utmost of tenacity and perseverance. Disney knew what it was he wanted in life, he knew the vision he had for the future, and he was just stubborn enough to hold on until it was fulfilled.

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ISBN: 9781796205107
ISBN-10: 1796205109
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 5th, 2019
Pages: 78
Language: English
Series: Great Biographies