Sci-Fi/Fantasy Snack Box

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SCI-FI/Fantasy Snack Box

The Idea: Every month, there will be a box of 2 novella titles handselected by our sci-fi/fantasy reading booksellers. These titles will be announced in advance and the box will include goodies.  At least one title (if not both) would be a new book released that month. 24 books curated a year seems like a lot, I don't know... The nice thing about novellas is that they can be read in an afternoon and they're a little like potato chips: you can't read just one.

How Will It Work: The cost of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Snack Box is $35/month.  We are offering free pickup in store and free local delivery within 5 miles of Copper Dog Books as well as shipping via media mail, ground, or priority.  You can order a month at a time or create a subscription with a recurring monthly charge to your credit card.  If you are selecting subscription, you must save your credit card information to your account in order for subscription shipments to be sent.  If the credit card information is not saved, there may be a slight delay in shipment as we will need to reach out to you to obtain payment information. 

What's In The May 2021 Box?
Our May bundle is all about variety. The Album of Dr. Moreau is best described as "amazingly weird." It's a riff on the HG Wells classic, where five experiments escape from the dreaded Isle of Dr. Moreau and use their fame as a bubblegum pop band to keep them safe. When the band's manager is found mauled to death, this off the wall fantasy quickly turns into a Christiesque whodunnit. Hard Reboot, on the other hand, is all about battle bots in the sketchy corners of Earth in the far future. As Meg puts it, it's nerdy space scholars and their scavenger crush fighting The Man with giant robots. What more can we say? Both of these titles are an absolute delight we're sure you'll love. Both books will come with signed bookplates from their authors as well as snacks & swag.

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